Terms and Conditions

COVID-19 Safety Policy

Periwinkle Parties number one priority is the health and safety of all event guests including children, parents and staff. We know how important your special celebrations are and want to ensure we can host them in a COVID safe way to keep everyone safe.


Please see below policy guidelines for a COVID-19 safe party which are in line with the recommendations of the NSW Government COVID-19 Rules. Please note the below information is subject to change based on current Government rules and guidelines.


Booking Policy

As usual we do require a 30% deposit to confirm all bookings. This deposit is non-refundable however if due to COVID restrictions we can change this into a credit on your account if given a week’s notice (7 days) to cancel or reschedule your booking. Payment of the deposit is considered as your acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed.


Entertainers Responsibilities

  • Ensure their kit is clean and sterilised before entering your event.

  • Ensuring their hands are clean and sanitised before entering your event.

  • The activities and games run by the entertainer may vary at their discretion as they will try their best to minimise the spread of germs.


Client’s responsibilities

  • It’s up to you to keep a list of who comes to your event. This includes check-in and check-out times of every guest. This can be in the form of an electronic check-in system, such as a QR code which is clearly visible and accessible at entrances of the premises. Alternatively, you can keep a written list of guests who enter and exit the event.

  • Please let your guests know it is important to stay home if they or their children are feeling unwell.

  • Please have access to a tap and soap for all guests to wash their hands. Also having hand sanitisers around the premises is a great way to encourage guests to keep their hands clean.

  • The number of guests attending should follow the current restrictions as advised by the NSW Government. This also applies for any rules or restrictions on square meters per guests.

  • Client’s must contact Periwinkle Parties immediately if it is made known to them that any of their event guests have been tested positive to COVID-19.


Thank you for your patience and understanding while we navigate these uncertain times together. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us anytime.

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