Top 4 Venues for a Kids Party in Sydneys Eastern Suburbs

We have curated our top 4 venues and places for a child's party in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We have entertained at thousands of different kids' parties and events across Sydney which means we have seen it all! We wanted to share what we have learned with you in terms of the best venues so you can choose the perfect one for your child's birthday party, christening or any celebration in between. We have also detailed each location with all the important things to help you decide.

Venue Tip: If you are planning a party in the park there are a few things to consider…

1. If you plan on choosing an outdoor location like a park be mindful that kids can run off and it can be stressful if you are close to roads. For this reason we would suggest choosing a park that isn't close to a main road or is gated.

2. Parks are perfect for Summer, however it's important to make sure you have some space partially in the shade. It can get super hot and a few hours in the sun with no break can be a lot for the littlies. Having a big bottle of sunscreen to share around helps too! 3. If you can’t book your spot in the park with your local council (you should check first) then have a designated person arrive at the park early in the morning to reserve your spot. 4. Always have a backup plan for if it rains. Most people write on the invitation their alternate wet weather option. Have a list of all parent's mobile numbers ready for if it rains on the day so you can let them know.


This one is our top pick as it ticks off everything you want for a kids party venue! It has a large indoor hall (perfect back-up in case it rains) and a huge gated outside play area. The play area is covered in beautiful greenery and trees and also has a small stage perfect for setting up the birthday cake stand or having a dance floor. Facilities: Lots of street parking and carpark, Bathrooms, Play equipment with a gated area, Indoor hall, plenty of shaded trees and tables. How to book: Contact the Woollahra Council (Ph: 02 9391 7000 & Email:


About: A great family-friendly park in the eastern suburbs! It has a large grass park area with plenty of pretty shaded spots under the trees. It also has a harbour view looking out as it connects to a secluded and beautiful beach. The park also has kids play equipment and a handy kiosk for the parents to grab a coffee! Facilities: Car park and on-street parking, kiosk, water bubblers, harbour swimming enclosure and toilets. How to book: Unable to book but would suggest getting there early to reserve a shaded spot.


About: Beare Park is a hidden gem close to the city! This park seems to be a popular place for locals to have their kids parties. It has an amazing harbour view, grass for the kids to play and kids play equipment. As the park is small, we would suggest "bagsing" your spot early in the morning! "The Lookout" is a cafe that is just off the Marina from the park if any of the parents wanted a coffee or a drink. Facilities: On-street parking (although can be tricky to find a spot at times), bathrooms, water bubbler, shade under trees and playground. How to book: Unable to book but would suggest getting there early to reserve a shaded spot.



About: A gated park in the heart of Centennial Park dedicated to the littlies. This place is amazing (even to visit). There is so much for the kids to safely do and explore in this garden including water fountains, slides, play equipment, and lots of tunnels to explore. There is also lots of shaded area under the big trees in the garden. Facilities: Street parking, bathrooms, shade from the sun, bathrooms, How to book: Unable to book but would suggest getting there early to reserve a shaded spot.